10 Best things to buy in morocco Marrakesh

Best things to buy in morocco marrakech

When it comes to picking the utmost things to spend your money on in Morocco, Marrakesh is where you will get everything. It’s the shoppers’ place for intricate patterns, bright colors, and also the aroma of the scents. Well, if that, then you even go for a long walk with your travel partner towards the bustling labyrinth – just as souks of the city. You can even find many things to buy from Marrakesh which are no doubt masterpieces.  From lamps to jewelry, leather bags, beautiful baskets, variety of spices, and so much more, you will surely want to take everything home.

Looking for what to buy in Marrakesh? Here is the list of all the best things to buy in morocco Marrakesh:

Best things to buy in morocco Marrakesh

1- Berber Rugs:Berber rugs have lots of different varieties because there are over 40 tribes in Morocco. Each making their style of carpet with unique and elegant embroidery. Decorate your home with a burst of color by purchasing a traditional rug from one of the shops in Marrakech. A rug from Marrakech is one of the most expensive purchases any traveler should buy as it is brightly colored.

While these carpets tells us a story with different elements having a specific meaning adding to the value of the souvenir. These rugs are elegantly designed and tend to be rather heavy. However, many stores will aid in importing these beautiful works of art for you. These rugs and carpets come in different patterns, shapes, and sizes.

2- Cashmere Scarves:The markets of Marrakech beckon fashion addicts to explore the many stalls and find treasures to add to your wardrobe. These markets are the ideal place to pick up a cashmere scarf, which is also a perfect gift idea for your friends and loved ones.

The designs of these scarves range from vividly colored tie-dyed designs to floral printed knits. These cashmere scarves are relatively low priced but are luxury gifts to be purchased

3- Leather shoes:Marrakech is an ideal place to find leather goods as the manufacturing of these leather products is a timeless tradition. The leather is used to make a variety of things from leather bags to slippers and even book bindings. However, if you wish to stand out from the crowd and be a trendsetter, then you should get your hands on the leather shoes known as Babouches.

The traditional Berber artisans intricately make these impressive pieces which can also be adorned in sequin, suede or Moroccan carpet. You can choose a round or pointed-toed shoe. These shoes come in a plethora of colors, and there is one for everyone.

4- Kilim pillow covers:For a more cost-efficient alternative to buying a rug, get your hands on a kilim pillowcase. Kilim pillowcases are a display of intricate geometric patterns and exuberant colors that will surely add style to your living spaces at home.

Just like rugs, these decorative pieces act as narrative art forms as the different shapes woven into the pillowcase has a meaning. Most of these pillowcases do not come with the fillings making it easier to pack it away with your luggage when you leave.

5- Berber basket:Originating from the Sahara desert, these breadbaskets and platters have become popular in recent years as riads and restaurants include the colorful dishes as part of their interior decor. Available in all color combinations and sizes, the baskets are both functional and decorative.

Bring home the energy and vibrancy of Marrakesh by purchasing a vintage Berber basket. These colorful pieces of art can be found in most stores and souks around Marrakesh. These baskets will add a fresh pop to your interior living spaces.

And in recent years have seen many restaurants include these colorful dishes as part of their interior design to create a warm and welcoming ambiance. The Berber baskets come in a variety of vibrant colors and sizes and are both functional and decorative souvenirs to buy.

6- Argan Oil: Among the best things to buy in Morocco Marrakesh is Argan Oil. Produced in nearby Essaouira, the only place in the world where Argan trees grow, Argan oil are a hot commodity and an in-demand purchase. The oil is extracted from roasted seeds from the Argan tree and can be used for cosmetic and culinary purposes.

So, be sure to state which type you are looking for. The harvesting and cultivating of these precious oils is an age-old tradition in Marrakesh, so this is a unique souvenir to purchase
●     True Argan is thick and golden yellow with nutty scents. It is essential to              keep in mind as not all of these oils are prepared equally.
●      The souvenir store of Rue 33 Majorelle has the best selection of Argan oils.

7- Beautiful Lanterns:Beautifully made lanterns tend you to buy them when you first saw it. Purchasing a Morrocan lantern is ideal memorabilia for your adventures captured in Marrakech and adds Morrocan decadence to your home lighting. These lanterns can be found in a range of sizes, colors, and materials.

Their intricate design creates dazzling light shows in the interior living spaces. The souks of Marrakech are filled with craftspeople and glassworkers hard at work with their pieces of art, giving you an appreciation for the souvenir you are going to buy. These lanterns will be great additions to the home and excellent gifts for loved ones and friends.

8- Moroccan Spices: At the core of the Moroccan culture and many of its culinary dishes is its spices. Take a stroll through the souks and markets of Marrakech, and you will be greeted by the pungent smells and beautiful display of technicolor powders of the stalls.

These spices are relatively inexpensive and easy souvenirs to transport at the end of your trip. A favorite spice to buy is the Ras El Hanout, which is a unique blend of the best spices like cumin, cinnamon. Ginger, and much more. Take home the taste of Marrakech as well as a piece of its culture by purchasing these spices.

9- Leather Bags: One of the best thigs to buy in Morocco Marrakesh. With tanneries nearby and young artisans creating leather goods before one’s eyes throughout the souk, in particular, the leather souk, buying leather in Marrakech is a must-do.

Make sure to check out the quality before you buy. Berber men traditionally wear these bags, but today are famous souk finds

10- Djebella (Traditional Dress):Upgrade your wardrobe with a touch of color and the essence of Marrakech by purchasing a traditional Djellaba. The Djellaba is a conventional Moroccan garment and is a long, loosely fitted unisex robe with full sleeves.

These robes come in different shapes and colors. The style is popular with both men and women, with men wearing them predominantly in winter while the women adorn them in summer. Get yourself a colorful Djellaba at any of the stores in Souk Smarine or opt for a designer piece at any of the expensive boutiques in Marrakech

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