10 Important things to know before Travel to Morocco

Things to know before visiting Morocco

Morocco is a land of astonishing deserts, fascinating beaches, busy souks and adventurous mountains. It has been popular among tourists due to all such qualities which are difficult to find at one place. Important things to know before Travel to Morocco.

The Morocco country is a place full of culture, variant weather, overwhelming residents and delicious food.

If you are planning a tour to some other countries, you must keep Morocco on top of your list. But before visiting you must encounter more practical information and takeaway so you might have more realistic expectations for your tour to Morocco.

Important things to know before Travel to Morocco

Here are a few handy tips to help you get prepared for your journey.

Influence of many religions
The official religion in Morocco is Islam. 90% of the population is Muslim in Morocco and remains 10% is Jewish, Christian and Berber. There is complete freedom for everyone to preach their religion.

People use dirham for dealings in Morocco. The currency code for dirham is MAD.

Dress code
Moroccan culture required its locals to be completely covered as they got offended if their shoulders or knees are visible. Especially in rural areas, it is mandatory for women as well as men to wear an adequately covered dress. But in Urban regions there is a blend of trends as well, it is up to the people whatever they want to wear, but still, they must be adequately covered.

Mosques are closed for non-muslims
People who are not Muslim cannot enter mosques, but there is an alternative for them that they could visit madrassas and find the old parts of the cities.

Alcohol is prohibited
Alcohol is not allowed in Morocco. One could get it in restaurants, riads or cafes only if they are licensed to do so, but it is only permitted for westerns. Parties and nightclubs are also a big no in Morocco.

Fridays are holy days and holidays
As Morocco is an Islamic country, there is a holiday on Friday in morocco. It is considered to be a sacred day; every Muslim should offer Friday prayer in the mosque and spend their holiday with family.

Overwhelming residents
A modern Islamic nation with friendly and welcoming attitudes towards locals as well as foreigners. People at morocco are incredibly welcoming and helping.

Blend of culture 
Morocco is a mixture of African, Berber, Arabic and Europian culture. Across urban areas, people are more indulged in the western tradition, but in rural areas, people are mostly following Berber or African culture. Their activities are enriched with culture and history.

Weather at Morocco
The weather condition in Morocco varies from town to town. Generally, Morocco has a moderate temperature due to the cool breezes that keep on blowing for a whole year.  Winter season is relatively cold, and over the oceans, temperature becomes more extreme. In the eastern mountain range air is dry as it drops into the Sahara desert while all other towns remain in moderate heat.

Food Morocco
Morocco is renowned for its delicious food and spices. It is a tradition in Morocco that they serve mint tea to guests. Tagine is their famous dish which is enough to savour your taste buds and give them a boost of spices and flavours in one meal. Moroccan Spices are on the things that tourists buy to take with them.

Mint Tea
Guests in Morocco are served with mint tea as it is the most famous emblem in Morocco. For Moroccan mint tea is as essential as earl grey for British and green tea for Chinese. It is said that in Morocco it is always tea O’clock.

Tagine is a traditional dish in Morocco. It is made in a clay pot which has a curvy cover lid on it. This dish is the combination of different vegetables and meat, served with various spices. If you visit Morocco, this dish should be in your eatery list.

Travel to Morocco – 10 Tips
If you are planning to visit Morocco soon, these tips will be helpful.

Dress Accurately
Morocco is a Muslim country, so you must wear dresses which covers your shoulders and legs. You can opt long skirts, maxis, kaftans i mean anything that is included.

Keep the change
Always keep the change as most of the people in Morocco only accepts cash and credit cards are not much popular among Moroccans. So it is better to always keep the change with you whenever you visit Morocco.

Beware of a local guide
It is recommended to have a tour guide whenever you are visiting a new place. But in Morocco, you must keep an eye on them as they can misguide you or charge you more, which is a common trait in Morocco for local guides.

Stay away from strangers
Not every person is your friend. Stay away from people you don’t know. Although Morocco is a safe country, you must keep an eye on your surroundings and don’t answer to any question of strangers.

They may tease you or harass you. So it is better to go in groups and stay within your group to avoid such circumstances.

Water you Use age
As there are several beaches in Morocco and water sources, there are not particular. Hence you must keep an eye on what you are taking. Otherwise, you may suffer from severe health disease.

Learn their local language
Speaking Arabic or french can give you a plus point as you can easily ask for directions and order a taxi. Learn some useful phrases, and you can easily pass on the streets of Morocco.

Ask before taking pictures
Always ask before taking photos of or with Moroccans as they can ask for money. Taking photographs in Morocco is not still free; that is why ask before you take pictures in Morocco.

Be aware of pick-pockets
Always keep your money in some inside pocket of your bag, as the souks in Morocco are bustling and there is a chance of facing pickpockets there.

Change your currency
Before reaching Morocco, you must change your currency from airports so that you will not face any issues at Morocco regarding money.

Be wary of scams 
Don’t trust everyone you meet. Always make sure that your tour guide is from some authenticated resources; otherwise, you might face some problems. There are so many guides on the streets if they approach you don’t become fool they might be a scam.

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