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Delve into the Enchanting Beauty of Sahara Desert


Zagora Desert:

It is in the southern part of Morocco. It’s a mostly dry stone desert, so there’s not much to explore there. However, it is famous for many festivals. The desert is next to Draa River. Trekking to the Jebel Zagora and watching the beautiful river around the city from the top will astonish you as you can spot many green lands near the river


It is famous for its wonderfully high dunes. Height of some of these can be found to be 350m. People don’t usually use camels and instead prefer a vehicle as the temperature is high with scorching heat. Riding motorbikes over these dunes are one of the favorite activities of tourists


It is yet another southern Morocco city and is known as the gate of the Sahara desert as it lies before the Sahara desert. The city is full of mesmerizing views that can capture anyone’s eyes. The most historical monument is the Erfoud Royal Palace. The palace is beautifully created to capture the full glory of the sunset by the Royal family that once ruled Morocco.


It is a charming town known for its 30 kilometers long palm-grove stretched on both sides of the city full of small Ksour and Kasbahs. The green orchards, mosque Ikelane, pottery of El Hart n’Iaamine and Oasis Museum in Ksar El Khorbat are the spots you shouldn’t miss while you’re there.


Gorge is famous as a paradise for climbers. The tradition was set in 1977 by a group of French climbers. Now it’s one of the most known spots for climbing in Morocco. The rock of Todra Gorge is very hard, rugged and abrasive. Not only is it used for climbing, but it also adds to the beauty of the city.


Although very preserved, it opens the doors to the road of thousand Kasbahs. This small town showcases the Berber architecture along with a hint of modernity. You will find everything from post offices to cafes and restaurants. The two most famous museums of Tinjdad are the museum of sacred springs, “Lalla Mimouna” and the “Oasis Museum.”
You can even enjoy another awe-inspiring sunset in Boumalne Dades or any other nearby village.

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