The Nomads Caravan

Travelling to Morocco carries one to enormous magnificent experience of exploring the prehistoric time period villages and modern buildings to the natural habitat of nomad caravans. The Draa Valley in South of Morocco between Agdz and M’Hamid offers such a beautiful view of naturally fertile land where centuries old cultural heritage and values are still preserved. This is a land which has been inhabited by the humans since the pre-historic ages. So if you have an appetite of exploring the history through pre-historic age places, Draa valley, river and its basin are places not to be missed during your Morocco visit. The valley passing through Zagora, in the middle of the Hamada desert of limestone plateau, have fertile land where you discover flowering oases, orchards and palm groves. The road from Ouarzazate to M’Hamid, is blessed with many beautiful excursions for tourists.

From fertile orchards of Draa valley to the dunes of Merzouga there is a world to explore in Morocco. To explore the amazing structure of the dunes an easy route through road carries you to the Erg Chebbi the dunes of Merzouga. The amazing aspects of Erg Chebbi dunes are their great height and size; which can rise up to one hundred fifty meters height in some places. On way to the place you can discover the Erg Chebbi dunes located forty kilometers from Erfoud, near the town of Merzouga. From Nomad Caravans to traditional the traditional Moroccan sand bread known asKhobz, is a treat to enjoy in the Sahara desert. The making of this traditional Berber sand bread is one of the intriguing experience in Sahara desert.


This trek has been tailored specifically for those who want to discover the desert in an easy
way. During this trip, you will travel through the dunes and palm-groves of the Draa valley
and discover a different kind of culture, a style of life regulated by the seasons and you will
meet some nomads along the way.


The dunes, the oases and palm-groves of Oued Draa
– Zaouiat Sidi Halah the Marabout of the region
– The nomades caravan
– Bread made in the Sand