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The Nomad’s Caravan experience in Morocco. Morocco trekking holidays with us offer the experiences of Morocco desert tours for a lifetime – from exploring the beautiful prehistoric-era villages to the more modern buildings with their flawless architecture and the nomad’s caravan natural habitat.

The Draa Valley between Agdz and M’Hamid found in Southern Morocco offers the most gorgeous views of a naturally fertile land – a land where all the centuries-old values and cultural heritage are still well-preserved. If you love exploring what the pre-historic ages left behind. Then Draa Valley, its accompanying river and basin are not to be missed while camel trekking in Morocco deserts.

Another valley passing through Zagora also has very fertile land. Where you’ll be greeted with palm groves, orchards and flowering oases that are beyond mesmerizing.

From Draa Valley’s fertile orchards to Merzouga’s heart-warming orange dunes, luxury camel trekking in Morocco does not get any better than this. Along the way, you’ll also discover the Erg Chebbi dunes. Which are world-renowned for their height and size. With some of them rising as high as nearly 500 feet.

Explore Morocco through Nomad’s Caravan

Perhaps one of the best attractions the Sahara Desert has to offer are the Nomad’s caravan tours as well as sand bread called “asKhobz”. What the locals refer to as traditional Berber sand bread.

Camel trekking in the Draa Valley

The Nomad’s caravan and camel trekking in Morocco deserts are both tailored to those who want to explore and discover all the attractions in the Sahara at a relaxed pace. From the orange dunes to the palm grooves of the Draa Valley. An entire culture awaits. Αnd a lifestyle that changes ever so slightly with the four seasons – not to mention the warm and friendly nomads.

Do not miss the chance to live the Nomad’s Caravan experience in Morocco.

Exploring Morocco Travel

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Key Highlights

–  Dunes, oasis and palm-grooves in Qued Draa Valley
– Zaouiat Sidi Halah, the “Marabout” of the region
– The Nomad’s caravan
– Traditional Berber bread made in the Sahara

The dunes, the oases and palm-groves of Oued Draa
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Camel Trekking in Morocco Desert
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