Trekking in Morocco Atlas Mountains

Trekking in Morocco

Trekking in Morocco Atlas Mountains – Exploring Morocco Travel

Morocco is a beautiful land with wonderful mountains for trekking such as the Atlas Mountains. Trekking and Hiking in Morocco is one of the best ways to experience Morocco, Trekking in Morocco Atlas Mountains. As it is an absolute adventurous tour on a twisting route of Berber Village.

Morocco provides beautiful places for trekking such as Imlil, Mount Toubkal, M’goun mountains, Jebel Saghro,  and Siroua Massif. Trekking tours from  Marrakesh are the source to find the beauty of nature.

​The Atlas Mountains – Morocco
Here comes the Atlas mountain that ranges throughout the Northern expanse of Africa across Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. They are further distributed into different ranges.
Atlas Mountains Morocco
The High Atlas Mountains: It is the topmost mountain range of North Africa and has the beauty of Morocco. It is also known to be a premier destination for trekking in North Africa. Undoubtedly one can spend a happy team in adventurous trekking over here. These Mountains are further subdivided:

Western High Atlas: Here comes the range’s oldest peak in the west. By the way, the majority of them are more than 4000m tall. The high point of the same is Jbel Toubkal.

Jbel Toubkal: Jbel (4167m) Bringing in front of you the greatest peak of North Africa. The trekking peak of this location does not need any climbing. Instead of walking for a couple of days, where one will need some crunches with themselves. It’s a challenging walk through Jbel Toubkal. Well, that is the reason the trekkers must have a good physical condition to easily walk for a couple of days and can spend great vacation times.

Central High Atlas:Here comes Morocco’s utmost region you can go if you have mountain biking on your list. It is nearly 3000 m high from sea level. One can have the opportunity to create great memories while camping on the lake shores and traveling across Ait bougmez.

Jbel Mgoun: The Mgoun is the southernmost of all the three ridges, which form the High Atlas.
There is a remarkable sight of the rugged mountains that you can catch. But that’s not the only alluring aspect, you can also look at the friendly and fascinating culture of indigenous Berbers. In comparison with Jbel Toubkal, Jbel Mguon is a wild area.

Nevertheless, trekking in Jbel Mguon is always more intriguing and adventurous than in Jbel Toubkal.

Eastern High Atlas : Long away from the beaten track, these are the mountains of Eastern High Atlas, Morocco, which are known to be the home of the eye-catching wild scenery.

With the hike, you can go to the alluring Eastern High Atlas, which can offer you a soothing climate. You can find pacifying views from the green valleys, magnificent surroundings, deserted plateau, and other limestone chains. In the middle of the massif there lie beautiful villages where traditional Berbers live in.

Agoudim Village: After hiking through Eastern High Atlas, one can come across Agoudim Village. The term Agoudim means “Fortress.” The town has approximately fifty families and is located at a distance of forty kilometers from Alnif.
Agoudim Village Morocco
Alnif: Basin is a spot for the ones who are fossil hunters. It is Morocco that leads the list and is recognized for the trilobites. These are considered highly recognized fossils to be found after Dinosaurs. The ones who are fond of hiking and want to add fossils such as trilobites into their collection, have to be at Alnif.Alnif Morocco
Middle Atlas Mountains.

Trekking in Morocco can take you to the Middle Atlas Mountains residing between Marrakesh and Fez. It is not as famous as the High Atlas Mountains. Instead, it consists of heavily frosted mountain peaks, a famous waterfall, and a few villages to visit.

Anti Atlas Mountains: This mountain lies from the Atlantic Ocean and goes to the heights of Ouarzazate, then easter towards the city of Tafilalt. Towards the south, it shares the border with the Sahara. After this, Djebel Sarho is the easternmost point of Anti Atlas.

It is the Jbel Siroua that you can call a connection among High Atlas as well as Anti Atlas Mountains.

Djebel Sarhro: Eye pleasing region of Sahara lies near the Draa as well as the Dades Valley. One can find small villages, deep gorges, and jumble volcanic peaks collectively forming Djebel Sarhro. For trekking lovers, the ideal time to trek is in October and May.
Djebel Sarhro Morocco
Jbel Siroua: It’s been two years since trekking in Siroua mountain has been gaining popularity. Well, that’s because of the magnificent nature and the physical challenge. Often, the mountains are completely unlike anything you must have seen previously, and their villages are a lot closer to nature.

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