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If you’re thinking about finding a breathtaking place to trek, don’t look any further because Morocco has a lot to offer to you. Few countries, like Morocco, exhibit natural diversity from the balmy coastline to the historic architectural buildings and landscapes. The country offers mesmerizing views, including Sarah desert, but trekking is the main event for many visiting Morocco. If you’re someone who loves the outdoors and needs more insight from professionals you’ve come to the right place. Exploring Morocco Travel’s expert local guides are here with amazing trekking offers for you. 

Witness the Beauty of Morocco Atlas Mountains

​Trekking in Morocco Atlas Mountains provides a range of experiences for those who love trekking. If you’re a beginner you can go trekking Atlas Mountains in summers, while trekking Africa’s toughest mountain range in the harsh weather of winter is said to be a tough challenge even for the experienced ones. But the reward of your struggle would be worth much more. The breathtaking views of the valleys and peaks from the top are something you would never forget.
The Atlas mountain ranges are stretched across North Africa. A small portion of Atlas ranges called the Middle Atlas is famous for its natural diversity. It’s spread across the cities of Ifrane, Sefrou, Khemisset and Beni Mellal. This part of Atlas range has magnificent lakes and forests, including the Ouzoud waterfalls, Tazekka National Park, which is home to many wildlife species, and ancient ruins that while making you want to stay there forever.

Enjoy the Many types of Morocco Treks

​Different people prefer different types of tours that vary in the time duration and the places that you would trek. In general, we can categorize them into four different types.

Gentle Treks

​If you’re a beginner and want to stroll around then gentle treks are good enough for you. You should discuss the terrains you’d be visiting with your guide and plan on how to enjoy your trekking experience to the fullest. These plans people usually plan 2-5 hours per day of trekking. Trekking in Amezmiz Valley of Morocco is a good way to keep things on the lower note. 

Moderate Treks

​This kind of trek requires regular practice of walks. Having experience of long walks can come in handy. During these kinds of treks you’d face some difficult inclined terrains but always have your guide there to help you overcome these obstacles or to get you through these steep climbs. Plan for at least 4-6 hours trek. Trekking in Jebel Sahro can give you that kind of experience in Morocco. 

Challenging Treks

​If you’re a hiking enthusiast then you probably have enough hiking experience and would be able to face any difficult terrains. The length of this kind of trek allows you to experience different weather conditions and sometimes you might only have the basic facilities. Having a good physical form and high stamina is an important virtue of such trek tours as the trekking height can be more than 3000 ft. Plan for at least 4-9 hours of trekking to experience every spot

Demanding Treks

​This is the toughest of them all. For this kind of trip, you need to be a professional and should have experienced trekking harsh terrains beforehand. This trek demands best health status and your stamina at its peak. People who have already participated in such trekking adventures should only go for it. Some treks are even higher than the altitude of 3000 ft. Expect and plan for 6-9 hours of walking or even for an occasional 10-12 hours trek. The Toubkal area in Morocco is renowned for its extremely challenging treks

Camel Trekking In Morocco

​Apart from breathtaking views from the top of Atlas Mountains, Morocco also offers the beautiful orange sand dunes of the desert. Camel trek in Morocco is the soul of these deserts as it allows you to blend in with the deserts. Along with the Sahara desert, there are multiple other deserts including Merzouga, Zagora Desert and Erfoud, each having a unique quality that attracts the eye. Camel trekking allows you to enjoy the beautiful sunset in the desert where you can see the Sun disappearing slowly and spreading the spectrum of colors over the sky, meet the local Berbers and enjoy a night under the sky full of stars. It leaves everlasting footprints on your hearts

Experience a Mesmerizing Trekking Morocco Winter Adventure

​The Atlas Mountain range spread across Morocco is a fantastic place to trek in winters (November to May). The temperature on the lower side can be high but on the mountain range, the temperature drops to 20 degrees Celsius with clear skies above your head and snow capped peaks all around you. At night, however, the temperature drops to freezing point and permanent snow cover above 3000m

Amezmiz Valley

​You can begin with Amezmiz Valley which is merely the introduction to the Atlas Mountains and requires much less walking. The valley is one hour away from Marrakech and is situated on the lower altitude than the other treks with the highest peak at 220m.

Jebel Sahro

​If you love trekking and are looking for longer winter treks than the best areas for you can be Jebel Sahro and Jebel Sirwa. These areas are situated near the southern side of the Sahara desert. In summer the areas are extremely hot but during the winter the temperature drops to 22 degrees and is a spellbinding place to trek with or without camels.


​If you’re into some serious trekking challenge than you should visit Toubkal area which is accessible throughout the winter. However, you might need mounting experience at high altitude and special equipment to trek the ascent of Toubkal like crampons and ice axes along with some beforehand experience of walking on the snow. You must be experienced, prepared and fit to trek this area. Due to snow some of the routes might be blocked which can increase the cost of your tour. During your journey to the top of the summit of Mount Toubkal, you’ll cross rivers, valleys, and forests.

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The spectacular view of the glistening snow capped mountains and valleys surrounding the mountain range is something you cannot miss. The experience of spending the night in camps under the sky of North Africa will remain in the depth of your heart. So pack your bags, leave the city life behind and spend your winter holidays in the beautiful valleys of Morocco. Exploring Morocco Travel is offering affordable Morocco trekking tours. Give us a call to book your Morocco trek today!
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